In situ EMC Assessments

In-situ EMC testing for large equipment and fixed installations is one of our signature services.

We apply compliant time-domain measurement systems to address the complexity of in situ emissions assessments.

In situ measurements

On some occasions, it is not plausible to carry out measurements at a test laboratory due to the size of the equipment under test or other limitations like the type of power supply needed. Hence, on-site measurements shall be performed to evaluate equipment according to the EMC Directive.

Fixed installations

Fixed installations are not subject to certain rules of free movement within the Union. Therefore, they are not subject to the requirements for CE marking, DoC or formal EMC assessment before putting into service. However, fixed installations have to comply with the essential requirements and other specific requirements (Annex I of the Directive) which apply to them.

Full Time-domain EMI measurements

We apply state-of-the-art measurement techniques, which enable us to overcome common inconveniences that appear at on-site measurements, like those related to the ambient electromagnetic noise and signals.

Steadier background noise due to the reduction of the total measurement time, direct quasi-peak real-time measurements, transient noise cancellation using time-gating, multichannel synchronous measurements for measuring with several antennas, and EMI waveforms for further postprocessing.

Examples of situations where in situ EMC testing is necessary

Railway industry (rolling stock, railway infrastructure), Large PV facilities, Large scientific setups, huge vehicles and moving robots, setups and many other large fixed installations.