Agile EMC Checking

The Agile EMC Checking service consists of a reduced set of pre-certification tests selected ad-hoc and conducted by our experts to quickly diagnose the EMC performance of your device.

This service is aimed at prototypes or products in the early stages of development, offering a flexible, cost-effective and smart approach to improve the EMC of your device well before production or certification.

Agile Electromagnetic Compatibility Checking

One of our experts will define the set of tests tailored to the characteristics of each product and/or prototype to get the most information about the device’s performance and failure condition.

Workflow of the service

Step 1. Identification of the product and its applicable EMC standards

The client provides the required information about the product’s specifications and design. This includes all documentation on the device’s or individual parts’ EMC behaviour.

Step 2. EMC test scope statement

Our experts define an optimal test plan, ensuring the maximum amount of significant information is obtained efficiently within a short, duly limited period.

Step 3. Diagnosis of the EMC performance of the product through laboratory tests

The planned tests are carried out. Then, depending on the results, our technicians will perform further tests in the EMC laboratory until the scheduled laboratory time is over. 

Step 4. Writing a deliverable with the conclusions of the EMC diagnosis

We deliver a document summarising the results obtained in the EMC diagnostic evaluation, recommending adjustments, corrections or strategies for future action.