EMC Expert Support

Professional help to overcome your EMC needs

A team of experts at hand with experience in electronic design, hardware development, EMC testing and standards, teaching, and R&D.

We can provide close support in all phases of developing your product, overcoming EMC problems and challenges by adapting to your needs, enhancing your testing capabilities and helping you deal with EMC audits or addressing further needs like EMF survey.

Electronic Systems Design

We provide close support for adopting EMC best practices in electronic systems design. We help you whether you need comprehensive assistance from a design scratch or a quick fix to overcome non-compliances identified during testing.

EMC product assessment from scratch

Support for developing your equipment from scratch when many EMC solutions are available at reduced costs. We provide guidance to you in accordance with the standards applicable to your equipment, offering you a strategy to overcome common cases of non-compliance. Our service can start from day zero of your PCB or system design.

Solving an identified non-compliance

After taking your equipment to an EMC test laboratory, non-compliance will likely be identified. However, finding a suitable solution is not straightforward. We will help you understand the underlying problem, offering a cost-effective, proper re-design solution. If necessary, we will perform the testing before going for another certification round.

Furthermore, we can offer you some samples like ferrites (SMD or cable), common mode chokes, EMI filters, transient voltage suppressor (TVS), shielding solutions, etc… to re-design your equipment and make it compliant.

EMC Troubleshooting

Finding, explaining and solving EMC problems on-site when an interference case has been identified.

EMC Troubleshooting using advanced measurement techniques

Through advanced measurement techniques our experts will identify the interference source, the coupling path, and the victim. For that purpose, we combine standard and non-standard methods for analysing conducted or radiated emissions supported by EMC-specific instrumentation and others like state-of-the-art oscilloscopes and vector network analyzers.

Visiting experts for on site solutions

Our team will go to the client’s premises, where the interference case has been detected, and will find a solution for you. We will conduct measurements when necessary and propose mitigating countermeasures to avoid interference and increase your system resilience to interference. These solutions can be directly implemented in the interference scenario or through the EMC test laboratory.

Tailor-made measurements

When your commercial EMC software is not enough to address your needs, we can help you by developing tailored measurement systems for automating test procedures according to your particular requirements.

EMC measurement systems customized to your needs

We can offer bespoke testing solutions for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electromagnetic field exposure (EMF), electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radiofrequency (RF). Contact us and we will help you if you need any related measurement.

Some examples of tailor-made measurements

  • Electromagnetic characterisation of materials. Including novel materials like 3D printed or conductive textiles. Measurement of parameters such as impedance, conductivity, permittivity, and shielding effectiveness.
  • Electromagnetic Eavesdropping. Extracting the information from intentional emission. For example, we have recovered the image of LCD displays through their radiated fields.
  • Assessment of electromagnetic interferences in communication systems. We use novel detectors to analyse time-domain EMI measurements and predict their impact on communication performance in terms of digital quality metrics such as BER and RxQual.

EMC Quality Audits and Control of Production

We can elaborate an EMC plan to control your production, develop your EMC testing capabilities and help you to success ISO/IEC 17025 audits.

Create an EMC plan to control production

Assist in elaborating a plan, according to the guidelines provided by European Directives, to control your production and ensure that it always complies with the essential requirements of the Directives. The plan will describe the tests needed during all the period that you are selling your product and it will identify which critical modification on your product’s components should imply some EMC re-assessment.

Develop your EMC testing capabilities

Through our experience working at EMC laboratories, we can guide you to develop testing facilities at your company. Evaluating which are the specific needs of your products regarding EMC testing and the budget available. We can help you select the tests needed, the instrumentation and facilities necessary to carry out the test, creating the procedures and finally training your staff.

Prepare your test laboratory for the accreditation audits

We have experience acting as auditors of EMC laboratories according to ISO/IEC 17025. Therefore, we can offer you training or pre-assessments to have success in audits. Checking the scope of your accreditation, procedures and processes, proper traceability, uncertainty evaluation of your tests or evaluating the staff in charge to perform the tests.

EMF Survey

We perform surveys of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure and EM simulations and elaborate recommendations for their mitigation to ensure people’s safety regarding non-ionizing radiation.

Accomplishment of safety requirements regarding EMF according to international regulations

Directive 2013/35/EU defines minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields). This mandatory Directive is based on The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), which provides scientific advice and guidance on the health and environmental effects of non-ionizing radiation (NIR) to protect people and the environment from detrimental NIR exposure.

EMF safety measurements

We can perform on-site EMF safety assessment through broadband and narrowband measurement according to the standards. Evaluating the compliance with the limits established for workers, general public and sensitive collectives like persons with pacemakers. We are able to measure the EMF from DC, which is common for Railway applications, and up to 8 GHz.

Mitigation strategies

If measurements are above the limits defined at the international standards, you should apply actions and mitigation techniques to ensure that people are not exposed to the high-levels of the EMF. We will support you in defining the best mitigation strategy and implement it to comply with the Directives and standards.

EM simulations

We can perform EM simulations to evaluate, computationally, if the EMF can be critical or to test possible solutions before their implementation, reducing the cost of applying faulty solutions. Moreover, we are capable to produce EM simulations with traceable human phantoms, which is extremely useful to obtain Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) levels and check non-compliance with standards.

EM Risk Assessment

We will provide you an EMC risk analysis to protect your equipment or infrastructure from electromagnetic interference or electromagnetic attacks.

Risk Analysis and Planning

We will help you to identify the EMC threats applicable to your product or infrastructure. This will guide us to the goal of classifying the possible risks in terms of impact and quantify the level of significance.

This study will be done gathering the contextual and normative information with constant communication between our team and you to provide us the relevant documentation.

Site Assessment

Based on the preliminary risk analysis, we can perform on-site inspections and audits, as well as emissions on-site tests or immunity tests at EMC laboratories when necessary.

We will classify the findings and propose mitigation strategies for addressing the relevant EMC risks.