Our services

EMC Standard Testing

Tests according to standard requirements in a fully-equipped laboratory

A broad portfolio of emission and immunity test options to comply with EU Directives and Regulations.

Agile EMC Checking

A smart approach to pre-compliance assessment and recommended for early prototypes

The Agile EMC Checking service consists of a reduced set of pre-certification tests selected ad-hoc and conducted by our experts to quickly diagnose the EMC performance of your device.

In situ EMC Assessement

For large size products and installations that can't be evaluated on a test site

In-situ EMC testing for large equipment and fixed installations is one of our signature services.

We apply compliant time-domain measurement systems to address the complexity of in situ emissions assessments.

EMC Training

Regular and tailored courses to foster your technical skills and knowledge

The regular and tailor-made courses are designed to foster your proficiency on EMC.

The contents range from fundamental technical concepts to advanced applications. Our training activities are carried out in various modalities, in person, in person through a virtual classroom and in person at the client’s premises.

EMC Expert Support

Collaborate with our specialists to find the optimal solution for your needs

A team of experts at hand with experience in electronic design, hardware development, EMC testing and standards, teaching, and R&D.